Technology Expertise

Web Applications

Applications primarily based on a browser user interface. Web applications can be accessed over the Internet or be restricted to a closed network such as corporate network. With advancement in security, HTML, DHTML, plug-in and javascript Web applications are used for everything from customer relations management to banking portals. One of the main advantages is that the central system can be updated without having to redeploy.

iPhone App Development

The iPhone™ is a multimedia smartphone developed by Apple®. The device is run by Apple's proprietary operating system called iPhone OS and developed using Apple's SDK. iPhone apps can literally only be put on an iPhone or an iPod Touch.

Desktop Applications

These applications typically allow for richer, faster and more robust user experience that web applications. Many applications were written in this style before web based applications were an option. Desktop applications can interact with other systems across the Internet, a corporate network or act as a stand alone application.

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