Our Approach

Vortec Consulting clients are served by an exceptional, professional developers with deep expertise and proven success in full lifecycle software development projects. A key aspect that drives our success in addition to our efficient process is the methodology we use daily. Read more about how our methodology is divided into five effective categories for success.


Why is good architecture needed? First and foremost it facilitates efficiency of quality development. The reuse of code allows developers to focus on implementing new features rather than re-implementing standard features. Furthermore, good architecture enables future enhancements. It allows for entry points to add features. A system that is logically architected is easier for developers to understand and maintain.

Client for Life

We know communication is one of the most important facets of a good relationship. When you select Vortec Consulting as your development partner, we transform a complex development process into easy to understand and easy to follow stages and milestones. Meaningful communication and visibility to progress are defined throughout the process. The moment you engage Vortec Consulting you are treated as a long term client, not just for the initial engagement or project, but for life. To us, this means that the conclusion of the initial development project does not mark the end of our relationship. We will be there to support you long after the development is completed.


Our goal at Vortec Consulting is to rapidly develop high-quality software using proven design practices. Over 20 years of software experience has refined our design methodologies. Adopting elements of both Waterfall and Agile development methods, Vortec Consulting implements a unique development process to deliver a first-class product predictably without sacrificing quality or speed.


Design and development are important but they are only part of the formula. Large efficiencies can be gained by having a sophisticated and streamlined development infrastructure which integrate tools and practices. Vortec Consulting has tweaked its build environment over the years so many of the mundane tasks are automated. We use a continuous integration build process to avoid massive integration issues before builds. Our automated process supports the agile attributes of our hybrid development process.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance (QA) at Vortec Consulting is more than just a process or a position - it is a practice. Of course our practice includes testing; however, it also includes much more. It includes developing techniques and using tools to ensure quality in the development process, not just testing after the fact. At Vortec Consulting QA is a mind-set that quality and testing are not someone else's job but all of our jobs.

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