3rd Party Tools

Third party tools are separate software entities that can boost existing or customized software capabilities. Vortec Consulting has extensive experience with third party tools that are not only proven in the marketplace, but significantly reduce development time and customer's overall costs. Vortec Consulting brings extensive knowledge of how to integrate these reliable tools while also creating a customized software experience.

Google and Yahoo Maps

Vortec Consulting is also able to embed Google or Yahoo Maps that give custom software another level of helpful interactivity. The API (Application Programming Interface) provides the user a number of functional ways to use the maps and add additional content.

PayPal, PayFloPro, and Auth.NET

Vortec Consulting uses payment processors such as Pay Pal, PayFlowLink and Auth.NET that allow online stores to connect and integrate to existing Internet merchant accounts keep information secure, optimizing customer experience.


SharePoint http://www.microsoft.com/Sharepoint/default.mspx is a server program that allows businesses to access large amounts of data online. Sharepoint boasts several features including enterprise content management, portals to share information, collaboration tools to allow teams to simultaneously produce documents and business intelligence, and process and forms to expedite business processes.


Verisign http://www.verisign.com is a suite of tools that authorize e-commerce sites through extended validation and encryption to ensure credibility and security for customers. Verisign provides e-commerce sites increased credibility that in turn alleviates customer concern and increases popularity.

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